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IL42-4003DALPHA meter relay option board retrofit kit
IL42-4008GConnecting an ALPHA meter to the telephone line
IL42-4009DUsing the RS-485 option with the ALPHA Plus and A3 ALPHA meters
IL42-4014BUsing the RS-485 option with AIN ALPHA meters
IL42-4015EUsing the RS-232 option with the ALPHA Plus and A3 ALPHA meters
IL42-4016BUsing the RS-232 option with the AIN ALPHA meters
IL42-4029AUsing the Ethernet option with the A3 ALPHA meter and A3 ALPHA meter/collector
IL42-4033AExternal antenna capability retrofit kit : For converting meters with internal antenna to external antenna capable
IL42-4034DAGI RLC polyphase interrupter for use with A3 ALPHA meters
IL42-4035ARS-232 or RS-485 option board retrofit
IL42-4036BA3 ALPHA meter with wireless cellular communication option
IL42-4037AHigh gain remote mount dual band cellular/PCS antenna kit: For CDMA 1xRTT Wireless WIC equipped A3 ALPHA meters
IL42-4039AA3 ALPHA meter with internal polyphase service control installation instructions
IL42-4043AInstalling the third party relay option board for the A3 ALPHA meter
IL42-5000AInstalling retrofit option boards on ALPHA meters

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