Elster Solutions, LLC Hardware Installation Guides

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IL42-4023AUsing the RS-232 option with A3 ALPHA meter/collectors
IL42-4032AA3 ALPHA meters with external antenna capability : For use with the ILC/ILN option board
IL42-4038AInstalling the EA_Gatekeeper : A3 ALPHA meter package in the extender collar
IL42-5004FInstalling the EA_Gatekeeper : AC with battery backup option
IL42-5006BInstalling the EA Collector : AC only option
IL42-5007AInstalling the EA collector : Solar-powered option
IL42-5009AEA_Repeater installation instructions
IL42-5010BEA Collector version 5 : Upgrade installation instructions
IL42-5014BEA_Gatekeeper firmware version 6 upgrade/RMA installation instructions
IL42-5018DEA_Gatekeeper model 2110/2111 installation instructions
IL42-5019APole-mounting bracket installation instructions : For EA_Gatekeeper models 2110/2111
IL42-5020BEA_Repeater installation instructions - Solar powered option
IL42-5022AWireless communication for the EA_Gatekeeper: WIC installation instructions
IL42-5027BEA_Gatekeeper Series 1 with third party modem
IL42-5037AEA_Gatekeeper model 2120 installation instructions
IL42-5039BEA_Gatekeeper model 2210 (Ethernet backhaul) installation instructions
IL42-5041BEA_Gatekeeper model 2230 : Sierra Wireless LTE-ready kit
IL42-5042AEA_Gatekeeper model 2240 : GE MDS SD2-ready kit
IL42-5043BEA_Repeater : remote LAN-ready
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